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TIFU by not knowing how white my hair really was.



I, 37m, started getting white hair when I was a teenager. I started growing my hair out two years ago, so now I have nearly shoulder length curly hair with white curls throughout. I love it, my wife loves it, life is good. Until last night when I flew too close to the sun.

My wife was dyeing a couple tips of our daughter's hair pink and blue. My wife said to her "we should dye dads hair next." My daughter replied "boys can't dye their hair." So after showing her some music videos of songs she likes, Timebomb by Rancid with Lars' bright red mohawk, and Josie by Blink 182 with Tom's bleached hair and Mark's purple hair. I told her I would dye my white curls either blue or pink, and the choice was up to her. She picked blue.

My hair is otherwise very dark, so I figure it will only show up on the white hair. My wife has claimed in the past that "dye doesn't adhere to white hair as well" so I figured no harm in coating my whole head - how much is it going to show up anyway? (This is the TIFU) So I wait the 30 minutes, my wife takes my daughter upstairs to rinse her hair out, and I hop in the downstairs shower. A lot of dye comes out in the shower and I think I'm pretty clever. I never dyed my hair before and having a couple blue streaks amidst the curls is going to look pretty cool. I get out of the shower, dry my hair off, and look in the mirror. My head is completely blue. I go upstairs where my wife is bathing my kid. "Umm, so two things. One, I think I have more white hair than I first thought." My wife: "yeah, I could have told you that." "And second, you may have been wrong about how well dye works on white hair." They had a good laugh about all of this.

Now I have nothing against dyed hair, and I work in a job where it won't matter alongside people who wouldn't think anything of it after the initial laughing subsides. However I'm a 37 year old dad who has never had any dye in my hair, nevermind nearly shoulder length blue hair. I look so foolish.

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TL;DR: misjudged how much white hair I have and now look like a blue haired alien.